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Proficient software architect and designer of web applications and web service APIs. I research and analyze user problems, develop comprehensive solutions, and communicate those solutions through written documentation, workflow diagrams, user interface mockups, technical presentations and functional prototypes.

My technical strengths are Ruby, Perl, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS. I use these technologies in day-to-day work and in the prototyping of new concepts. Visual design is a core skill. I capably draw, illustrate, and design production artwork. In web application development, I concern myself with designing user interfaces which expose the power of an application without confounding the people who will use it.

I love to build software which is respectful of people, thoughtfully designed, and simple to maintain.


2011 — Present, Software Developer II, Charter Communications

  • Architect and lead developer of large-scale network inventory management application designed to improve customer experience, create opportunities for new products, and reduce the workload of network engineers. The application was oriented around parallelized, asynchronous web service requests and developed using Ruby on Rails, the Typhoeus gem, jQuery, Perl, and MySQL.

    I was responsible for prototyping and advancing the deep client and web service application infrastructure, as well as designing many of the core application workflows, user interfaces, and web service APIs. I guided the efforts of in-house and off-shore contract development teams throughout the course of the project, wrote thorough implementation guides, and validated development and design work. Wrote automated integration test suite using the RSpec test framework,Capybara, and Selenium. This test suite was used to validate web service calls, setup and teardown dependencies, and repeatably drive a browser through internal web application workflows.

  • Implemented a single-page application in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Backbonejs, and CoffeeScript for generating and persisting JSON web service requests. This project was ultimately bundled with the internal development stack and widely used to quickly assess service responses and performance.

  • Co-developed Ruby EventMachine-based web service mocking framework. This was used in the early stages of large project development as a kind of sandbox for client application developers and exposed a simple Ruby DSL for specifying requests and responses.

2007 — 2011, Software Developer I, Charter Communications

  • Developed Javascript and jQuery-based framework which supported rapid development and deployment of modular applications based on web services. This project exposed me to the development of highly-scalable asynchronous web service request libraries and test-driven development of Javascript, jQuery, and jQuery plugins using the QUnit and Jasmine test frameworks.

  • Mentored in-house developers in various programming and design practices. I instructed colleagues in test-driven development practices using Ruby, Perl, and Javascript with RSpec, Test::Unit, and QUnit, respectively. I also trained colleagues in user interface design fundamentals, including the generation of interface mockups in Visio, Keynote, and Photoshop and the implementation of those mockups in HTML and CSS.

  • Developed, maintained, extended numerous critical reporting applications using a combination of technologies such as Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Apache, automated Perl and Ruby scripts, and various Javascript frameworks.

  • Designed, developed, deployed high-profile internal reporting application for monitoring and trending technical performance across the company.

2005 — 2007, Senior Data Analyst, Charter Communications

  • Co-developed high-performance, fully automated regional network outage reporting application which rapidly localized network outages, reduced customer response times and capital expenses.

  • Integrated MapServer / GeoIP lookup services within outage reporting application to provide visual representation of outage areas and assist in locating points of failure.

  • Developed extendable Ruby library to interface with Cisco, Arris, Motorola Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) devices. The library enabled persistence, replay, and export of telnet interactions for training and troubleshooting purposes.

2000 — 2005, Web Application Developer, Charter Communications

  • Developed numerous small websites and moderately complex ASP, ASP.Net, C#-based web applications for a diverse range of clients: bicycle shops, auctioneers, real-estate and construction firms, non-profits, etc.

  • Designed and implemented extendable content management system with advanced features (CSV data export, publish / rollback, Javascript / MD5-based cross-browser security).


1995 — 1999, East Tennessee State University

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration.
  • Art director, lead designer of the 1999 East Tennessee State University Mockingbird literary magazine.